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1. Good to the last drop 
2. Obey your thirst 
3. The new digital era 
4. We lead others copy 
5. Impossible made possible 
6. Take time to indulge 
7. The relentless pursuit of perfection  
8. Poetry in motion dancing close to me 
9. Come to where the flavour is marlboro country
10. To me the past is black and white but the future is always color
11. Just do it. 
12. Ask for more. 
13. The taste is great. 
14. Feel the new space. 
15. Iintelligence everywhere. 
16. The choice of a new generation. 
17. We integrate, you communicate. 
18. Take Toshiba, take the world. 
19. Let's make things better. 
20. no business too small, no problem too big.


 keep you fit all the time
 fashionable and attractive packages
 quality and quantity assured
 have a long history in production and marketing
 popular both at home and abroad
 comfortable and easy to wear
 sophisticated technologies
 a complete range of specifications; complete in specifications
 catch up with and surpass advanced world level
 a wide selection of colours and designs
 fashionable styles, rich varieties
 sufficient supplies; ample supply
 with a long standing reputation
 timely delivery guaranteed
 reasonable price
 fine craftsmanship
 economy and durability
 possess Chinese flavours
 rank first among similar products
 excellent in quality
 complete range of articles
 various styles



catchy slogans phrases

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catchy slogans phrases
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catchy slogans phrases

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